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Book review: War of Art

It's fun how can we all believe we know something, just to find out that we actually have no idea. The enlightment process would be painful if it wasn't so funny. The "War of Art" is one of those books with a punny title, making fun of the humanity, greatness and purpose. Maybe I didn't understand it properly. Maybe it's a serious book about self-discovery, about the writer's block, about fear itself. But I find it funny, funny in a weird way. It breaks foundations, it shambles the earth, causing chaos. And then it's totally fun, as you can see everyone dancing on the earthquake, both kings and peasants, both totally ridiculous. That's what's funny. When you read this book, you can feel how all your internal personalities start to dance as the universe around them just breaks apart, showing how their infinite power is nothing. After it, the true silence remains, where only the words in your mind can resonate.

If you want to understand what's your creative true self, this is one of those books you need to read. It's small, it's tight on words, and heavy on meaning. One of those books that goes direct to the soul.

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