Javier Casas

A random walk through computer science


Projects I have worked on

  • Datatype Bridge:

    A system for extending the types from a microservices-based backend to a PureScript frontend, including routes, JSON encoding, sample data, and Eq/Ord instances. It automatically detects when the frontend is no longer up to date and raises warnings to prevent broken builds. It has been in use since Jan 2017, and has been extended with support for auto-detecting instance types recently. See some details at:

    Connecting a Haskell Backend to a PureScript Frontend

  • Interconnection with brokerages:

    A system for interconnecting with several online brokerages that allows easily sending orders to the market and enables the system to be able to execute in under 20 seconds what usually takes several hours.

  • Smart Synthetic Algorithm:

    A system that automatically converts some stock options to synthetic stock options, and keeps track of the conversion on the system in order to minimise the implied volatility of the resulting portfolio.

Open Source

Articles for third parties


Serverless: La evolucion de la arquitectura a la nube