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  • Software consultant with a background on web development and embedded systems.
  • Looking for a remote contract in Finance and/or Fullstack Functional Programming.
  • Learner, ability to work on tight deadlines, low overhead, high throughput.

Main themes


  • Worked for a startup that is based on Haskell + Purescript + React and uses microservices to deliver the best college admissions coaching available.
  • Helped interconnect the backend and the frontend in a way few projects are able to construct. See details at: www.stackbuilders.com/tutorials/functional-full-stack/purescript-bridge/
  • Worked on a startup based on Haskell + React Native that constructs a native app to improve the behaviour of children.
  • Lead a project based on C# and React/TypeScript to deliver a real-time monitoring system for Latin-America shrimp farms.


  • Lead a project based on Haskell that delivers portfolio performance optimization based on stock option allocation.
  • Lead a startup that uses Haskell, the Cardano Blockchain and Plutus Smart Contracts to connect employers and workers.
  • Currently studying Trading and Exchanges: Market Microstructure for Practitioners

Functional programming

  • Lead a weekly advanced readings group that made a group of strong Haskell developers into type-level developers.
  • Currently studying The Little Typer, Thinking with Types and The Little Prover.


  • Constructed the main prototype for running a microservices platform locally using Docker, docker-compose, and scripts for preloading dockerised databases.
  • Constructed CI/CD pipelines for several projects, based on CircleCI and GitlabCI.
  • Constructed several Ansible configuration playbooks that construct the main servers from bare Debian AWS instances.

Remote Agile

  • Worked on projects both based on Scrum and Kanban, working with remote teams, clients and developers.
  • Effective as Tech Lead and part-time Project Manager/Scrummaster.
  • Ability to prioritise, schedule, refine and estimate stories, organise sprints and unblock peers.

Work experience by date

2016-2019 - Software Developer at Stack Builders (Quito, Ecuador)

  • Lead and worked on 6 projects for different clients in education, industry and finance.
  • Worked remotely with clients from USA, Australia and Latin America.
  • Grew from Tier 1 to Tier 3 Developer, being now one of the three people with Tier 3 level.
  • Developed training plans for junior associates.

2013-2015 - Product Developer at ApplianSys (Coventry, UK)

  • Developed new features & bug fixes for the main products of the company.
  • Supported and help progress major opportunities and sales.
  • Translated the product and user manuals to Spanish.
  • Researched and implemented support for HTTPS caching, that gave GBP40K in sales in 2014, and more than GBP250K expected sales in 2015.

2012-2012 - Programming Internship at Proxima Systems (Valladolid, Spain)

  • Developed embedded applications for industrial ARM controllers


2001-2011 - Ingeniero Técnico en Informática de Sistemas

  • University of Valladolid, Spain
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